Legal Aid Board

The public legal aid board service which every international protection (asylum) applicant can avail of.  They offer legal advice and provide information after you have made your initial application, during completion of your questionnaire and before your interview with International Protection Office. They can make written submissions in support of your application. They also provide support with any subsequent appeals. 

The application form to apply to the Legal Aid Board to represent you can be found on in the section entitled ‘Services for International Protection Applicants. The Legal Aid Board has office in Cork, Galway and Dublin & Kerry. 

Galway Feminist Collective

Grassroots group of activists and artists which uses creative ways to explore, discuss and give visibility to feminist issues. GFC aims to include all communities, groups and individuals working to advance woman’s rights in Galway and to challenge any barriers to participation based on gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability or religion. They work with other women’s groups and stand in solidarity with them including Traveller and Roma women, migrants, women living in direct provision and LGBT groups.

Meetings every Monday evening from 7pm at Youth Work Ireland, Prospect Hill, rotating between feminist discussion evenings and organisational meetings. To find out more information: