Amach! LGBT Galway

An LGBT group in Galway that advocates for LGBT people in the area. They run the Teach Solais resource centre, which is a drop-in location for LGBT people, with tea and coffee, a library, and space to meet other LGBT people. They also run health screening clinics, an LGBT helpline, and peer support groups. They may also be able to tell you about other services available in the area.

Crosscare Refugee Services

An information, advocacy and referral organisation for Refugees and Asylum seekers. It is a project of Crosscare, the Social Care Agency of the Dublin Archdiocese. Information, advice and advocacy is offered on a range of issues, including housing, social welfare supports, education, health and well-being, integration support, including a women’s group. The information service is open 5 days a week, 10am to 4pm.

Gay Men’s Health Service

General health clinic for gay men, specialising in STI and HIV testing and other health services specific to male sexuality. Monday 2-4pm STI and HIV testing clinic for those with no symptoms who would like a check-up. Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:30pm STI testing clinic for those with symptoms or concerns. All are first come first served so the earlier you get there the better. All services, testing and treatments are free. They also have free condoms and lube.